Lip Augmentation

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Dr. Cheema is a master injector who understands the art of lip enhancement. Her goal is always to create natural, beautiful lips that truly enhance the face. The lips are one of the defining features of the face, and full lips are not only more desirable, but can be rejuvenating as well. While we age, the lips tend to lose its plumpness. Fortunately, a natural lip enhancement can help to return the lips to a more youthful state without looking fake or unnatural.

Lip augmentation, also known as lip plumping, can be achieved using an injectable filler. This works as the lines that go from the lip around the surrounding skin area gets smoothen out. This injectable filler can also be used to highlight the lips and rejuvenate aging lips. Lip augmentation accentuates the lips, creating beautiful, softer, and fuller lips. Lip augmentation immediately gives you fuller lips, younger and more appealing. A great lip augmentation requires maintaining correct relative proportions between upper and lower lips, and ensuring they are in good proportion to the underlying facial structure. It is a very simple, quick and well tolerated procedure when performed by Dr. Cheema, an expert specialist who is committed in delivering excellent results.

Lip Augmentation: Effect on Appearance

Fuller Lips, just like the eyes and nose, have a dramatic effect on one’s overall appearance. Full lips are associated with youth and fertility; they play an important role in facial aesthetics, whether you are a young client or a mature client. The shape and volume of the lip needs to be cohesive with the facial shape of the client. As people age, estrogen levels decrease and our lips loses its volume, sometimes resulting in a thin disproportioned lip.

What is the importance of lip enhancement in early 30s?

The reason your lips start to thin with age is due to a natural decline in collagen and hyaluronic acid, which keeps your lips full and moist from the inside out. You generally start to notice the decline start to happen in your late 20s and early 30s, or possibly earlier if you had thin lips to start with. Some lifestyle choices can also be to blame for lip thinning such as puckering your lips and drinking out of straws. Frequently drinking out of straws can cause fine lines to appear around the lip area over time and will also speed up the breakdown of collagen in your lips causing them to appear smaller and more wrinkled. Another common cause of the appearance of thinner lips is dehydration. At Summerskye MD, with Dr. Cheema’s expertise, we can help you get that rejuvenated, plumpy lips you dream of.

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