Skin Fillers

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Non-Invasive Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a non­invasive rejuvenation treatment that require little to no recovery time. A liquid compound is injected into specific target areas, most commonly the lips, the cheeks, and beneath the eyes. The injections immediately hydrate and lift the soft tissue to give your skin a natural, youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are generally used for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and for adding volume and fullness to skin beginning to suffer from volume loss.

One of the main draws for dermal filler treatments in Summerskye MD is that they require no recovery time. The actual procedure can be done in as little as ten minutes, depending on how many areas are to be treated, and the patient is then free to resume their daily activities and go back to work immediately. In today’s busy world, this is a major benefit.

At Summerskye MD, our skin filler treatment can assist with achieving younger looking skin. The quantity of product and the right placement of fillers are done safely in order to get instant and natural looking results. Locating the right area that needs augmentation and selecting the amount of augmentation is the significant factor in achieving natural results. Dr. Cheema was taught by the best in the business and has practiced alongside experienced doctors to gain the knowledge and expertise required in administering skin fillers for the most effective results for her patients.

Skin fillers are effective in preventative aging as they can instantly reverse the effects caused by loss of collagen in the face. The results achieved with fillers are proven to last up to 12 months. The skin filler treatment offered by Dr. Cheema of Summerskye MD is highly safe and patients can expect natural results.

The skin filler treatments can be used for any of the following:
  • Lip augmentation
  • Restoring the volume in cheeks
  • Smooth out smile lines (nasolabials and marionettes)

Dr. Cheema utilizes skin rejuvenation treatments using fillers that are made with hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural occurring substance found in the human body. It works as a filler by binding to water in the skin to help smooth out wrinkles, augment lips, and restore lost volume to the cheek area. Procedures involve the subtle and strategic placement of filler under the skin in order to restore and boost the individual facial features of a patient. Since all patients have different facial structures, Dr. Cheema customizes her treatments for every patient. The cosmetic procedures done at Summerskye MD will have you looking and feeling younger, refreshed and healthy. Another advantage of HA based skin fillers is that they are reversible if needed with the use of hyaluronidase, a natural substance.

Dr. Cheema is an expert specialist, so these treatments can be extraordinarily natural- looking. Most men and women don’t necessarily want to look as if they have had work done, so strategic dermal filler placement is ideal for someone who just wants to soften their lines and take a few years off their face.

As there are so many dermal fillers available, it is essential to have a consultation beforehand in order to determine which one is best for your needs. Dr. Cheema will take into account what exactly your concerns are and what your ultimate goal is before recommending a customized dermal filler treatment plan for you. If you are interested in a more complete facial refresher, she may recommend other treatments to combine with the filler in order to get you the results you want.

If you are interested in learning more about the skin filler treatment offered by Summerskye MD in Mississauga, please feel free to contact the clinic to set up an initial consultation. Call us at 905­232­6333 or e­mail us at